Spot Coordinate?

Hi all,

just wondering how to use clockwork’s new node ‘Spot CoordinateByPoint’ what im getting is a null.

i believe that node is not working with planting family maybe @Andreas_Dieckmann or someone could help

That node is looking for a face. RPC trees don’t have a face in plan view. I don’t think that’s going to work. I haven’t really tried it on a great variety of element types.

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i see,so it’s not possible?

Didn’t say that. :slight_smile:
What I meant is that I didn’t code that node to allow for anything else than a face reference.
If you’re feeling adventurous, you could try experimenting with it.
In the Python node within, you would have to change the TargetType in line 30, e.g. try changing FindReferenceTarget.Face to FindReferenceTarget.All
You can find a list of all the possible values here:


i did try @Andreas_Dieckmann suggestion but still didn’t work with planting and as he suggested try to add some geometry to your family.(works when i try)

Hi @Andreas_Dieckmann, I have the same issue as @lucifer. Do you have solution?

BTW Samples files from your github don’t work in my Dynamo 2.3. What should I do to open them?


If your issue is with planting families, it is probably due to their lack of geometry. Regarding the corrupted sample file - you could always open the 1.x sample instead (but I’ll have a look at the file you mentioned).

@Konrad_X-PLAN - regarding the corrupt sample file, I think you probably meant the sample file couldn’t be opened in Dynamo 1.3 (not 2.3). That would happen when trying to open a 2.x file in Dynamo 1.x due to the file format being different (JSON vs. XML). Use the 1.x sampe files on GitHub instead.

@Andreas_Dieckmann I tried with few different files in 2.3 with 2.x samples and in 1.3 with 1.x samples. With no effect. The same error every time.