Spot coordinates from clockwork


im trying to use “Spot Coordinate” node from the clockwork, but it seems it doesnt work!
this is what i get :

the script is pretty basic:

could this be the reason:
im trying to use it on “structural floor” view

would really appreciate your help, or any alternative to this node!

Check lacing of “SpotCoordinate.ByPoint” Node because it is working file in my file.
or try to place spot coordinate manually in that view, just to cross check the view property.

why would it be lacing?
in any case i tried lacing, tried using levels with points, tried using other type of views (floor plan, structural plan…etc) nothing worked!

as for trying manually i have tried that, and placing a spot coordinate manually works


bad luck bro., bcoz its working fine in my system.
may be last try you can check by opening the node “SpotCoordinate.ByPoint” and check all other node & stuff are fine.

I dont how that scrips is working, but you cant put a spot coordinate on a plan view, at the top of a column, unless the view range is set so the top of the column is visible.
if that makes sense…

i tried that, made some columns that go from 1st to 2nd level, made the view range cut plane +300
then i ran the code and still nothing