Split surface with multiple curves

Hey everyone, I have seen this topic on the form and ive looked at all the relative posts and have tried to figure out a way to make it work for me… So please dont yell at me for making another thread…

I am trying to split the surfaces with multiple lines. i cant get the split recursively to work or geometry.split

Thank you for any help you can provide.


try this:

  1. Extrude the curves into surfaces
  2. Build a polysurface from each curve
  3. Split the base surface with the polysurface

Thanks for the quick response. i dont think i quite understand exactly what you are sayng but this was my atempt, didnt split the surfaces…

Might be a lacing or list level issue in your example - working fine on my end.

hmm just tried your way… cant seem to get it… it doesnt cut some and will cut others. it made 4 panels from list 3 in my original example. Any other ideas? i cant find whats wrong in my list structure… it looks fine to me…



I won’t have time to check your graph today, but the image looks correct other than the polysurface error which I think is likely due to an empty list.

A thought experiment: Go get a piece of paper and a pair of scissors. Cut the piece of paper down the middle. You cut it once, and now have two pieces of paper. Go get a new piece of paper. Cut it three times, and now you have four pieces of paper. Cut the paper as many times as you like and count the paper and the number of cuts. The resulting count will always be one more than the number of cuts. Ok clean up the confetti - we have work to do.

In your example you took a few surfaces (pieces of paper), and split them (the cuts) [once, once, once, three times, once]. The results should be [two surfaces, two surfaces, two surfaces, four surfaces, two surfaces], which is what I see.

Try adding a colors with an alpha value to the split surfaces and disabling the other geometry except for the cut lines. This should visually confirm if things are working out, or highlight why they fail.

So i got yours to work on a different sample project but i couldnt get it to work on this sample project.

I found an issue with my list and then used geometry trim. It did the trick! I am going to see why i cant get your method to work though… i like the logic behind it.

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