Split Curve into sections at points

I have a curve that is the total conduit run. (Circled in Red)
(The run of conduit and box in the background is the run that I am trying to get the lengths from.)

I want to be able to get the lengths of the curve where I place a box. I have figured out how to get the intersection point of the box. (Circled in Blue)

Now I am using the ‘Curve.SplitByPoints’ Node to get the length of the two sections of the curve. I input the curve (circled in red) and the point of the box (circled in blue).

I end up with two curves but not of the correct length. It seems that it is ignoring part of the run after the box point.

I know the curve I input is made up of 17 curves. Is the ‘Curve.SplitByPoints’ ignoring the rest of the curves?

Ok I think I figured it out. I need to add another point. So I added the end point of the overall curve.

My question is does the ‘Curve.SplitByPoints’ always start with the starting point of the input curve when splitting?