Curve.Splitbyparameter doesnt work

Hello all,

I have made a script which makes a lines between two points, extends it and then cuts it, but it doesnt work the way i want it to be. There need to be 2 curves generated, 1 with a length of 29.42… .meter and a curve which is exactly 60 meters. But it doesnt work properly.

I hope someone knows why, thanks in advance!

I think your parameters might need to be recalculated, but I cannot confirm without rebuilding and I don’t have time. You could by showing a preview of just the line before it is cut - disable every other geometry preview, and then add a Curve.PointAtParameter for 0…1…#10 right after the ‘full length curve’.

@JacobSmall i needed Curve.SplitatSegment length instead of SplitatParameter!

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Dear @Daan,

You’ve made 4 topics in which all you, yourself solved them. For the next time, please exhaust all of your methods and when you’re actually clueless, ask for the help. Please don’t spam. If you think your findings are interesting instead of giving yourself credit for solution, share it in category “Share”.

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Hey Alexander, yesterday I went through my old topics which were not marked as solved yet.
Because i have learned a lot over the past months i thought i would be a good idea to mark all my posts as solved with the solution at the bottom. (Incase someone else has the same problem, now he has a solution :slight_smile: )

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