Split a list with Python

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I have been learning Python and have got this far (see below). What I am trying to do is split a list of numbers into 3 lists, small numbers in list1, medium in list2 and large in list3 etc. Hopefully this makes sense. When I run numbers through the Python component they don’t seem to adhere to the greater than or smaller than rules:

Any help appreciated!

Split lists with Python

I would have thought that the following should be able to complete the task for you and is probably simpliar.


Note: make sure there is a indent prior to the output lines



Python Code:

for list in IN[0]:

output.append(list[0 : 96])

output.append(list[97 : 103])

output.append(list[104 : len(list)])

You’ve written “list < 104” instead of “i <104”


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I want to keep it the way I’m learning at the moment with if / else statements, and once that makes sense I can look at other methods. The result still doesn’t split into the 3 sublists, have I got some notation wrong somewhere? It looks to me that the script is thinking that all numbers are ‘less than 97’. Do I need to define the incoming stream of numbers as integers?



The code is functioning as expected. You’re currently evaluating the index of the list, not the content of the list. Try replacing “i” with “list[i]” in the evaluation. Or instead of using a range loop, loop directly through the content of the list:

for number in list:

if number < 97 :

elif number >= 97 and <104:



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also, please don’t name your variable “list” because its a name of the built in function called list(). It may cause unexpected behavior as well as general confusion and is considered poor programming habit. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input everyone! I’ve got the script to do what I want now, including giving me the index position of the list being sorted. I’m certain there are more efficient ways to do this, if you have any pointers I would be happy to hear them! Otherwise thank you for helping me get this working :slight_smile:

Split List Python