Spell check for only selected sheets

I’m trying to created a workflow that will have Revit spell check the text notes only from selected sheets.
In this workflow I have sorted by selecting sheets and collecting only the text notes from selected sheets.
When I run it, the text notes are selected but in the ribbon for the annotation modification Revit does not allow for spell check and when I short key “F7” Revit does not run through all the selected text notes.

This is my first post to the forum, additionally I am a newbie to dynamo, please don’t judge me too hard.

Thank You!

Hello Briecheesepls,

Welcome to the forms. Since you are new make sure you take a look at some of the resources.
I just wanted to make sure you knew of them as they are great and helped me a lot when I first started.

Now lets get into your problem. My simple test seam to be working. Have a look and feel free to ask questions.

I want to thank @john_pierson again today for providing the python code at the end. It was borrowed from the Rhythm Package (PostableCommand.Default3DView).

Spell Check on Select Elements.dyn (18.6 KB)

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thank you very much. this looks great.

Is there was a way to “grab” sheets, instead of typing in their number into the code block individually? My sheets numbers get pretty long “8 digits”.

That was just a quick way for filtering them for testing. There are many ways to filter them though. What information do you have and how is it unique that we can filter it?

So possibility:
Sheet Number starts with or ends with “A” or “A1.3” (Can really be anything)
You can use a View Set (the Select Multiple Sheets in the Print Dialog Box)
You can filter by sheets with the latest Revision.

Let me know some more details and I will see what I can do.