Spacing between panels

I’m currently faced with the challenge of installing panels in a curve with an angle of less than 7 degrees. The panels have been initially positioned along a straight line. Now, I am considering dividing this line into sublines with the same radius to accommodate the curve. However, there is a specific requirement: the gap between each panel in the inner curve should be 20 mm.

Taking this into account, I would like to seek your expertise and suggestions on the best approach to achieve the desired panel placement in this curved configuration. How can I ensure a 20 mm gap specifically in the inner curve? Your insights and experiences would be highly appreciated.

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i think it is family issue. Do you use adaptive component or curtainwall ?



The panels are a family placed with adaptive points

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panell.rfa (436 KB)

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Could you briefly walk me through this?

I also think the gap should be a part of the panel.
The easiest way would be to nest the simple 4 pt panel to another one - where the gap distance is controlled by a parameter.
That way you can still get the reported dimensions of the solid from the original family.

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However, the points are set on a curved line, on which the dots connect, so this gap is on a straight line would not be the same as on a curved line…

You can make the host panel follow the curvature and not be straight, have the gap there as a segment lenght on the curve and then only the nested panel would be flat

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