Space Planning using Bin Packing Algorithms

I was just wondering if anybody on the forum has come across workflows for space planning utilising bin packing algorithms? I have found a few topics on space planning utilising relationships, but was more interested in the brute force of just space optimisation using full bin packing for a first run at space planning without taking into account special relationships.

I think this is a good idea. I think it makes sense to implement a basic bin packing algorithm in dynamo.

Then I think the next step is to iterate solutions based on the “package dimensions”

I would like to take set of areas with a min and max dimension and have the computer pack them in a bunch of ways

And include adjacency, or rules about how areas need to be connected.

I am currently very interested int he same and looking at running simple examples of rectangles packed into a larger rectangle “Bin”

with no prior experience I am starting at looking into what already exist


join the effort here if you would like

If you’re only using boxes, the miscellany package has some nodes for this already. :slight_smile:

See here and here for examples.