Space Planning - Dynamo HELP!

Hi All,

I cant seem to figure out why my Material.ByName node output is null. And some of Element.SetParameterByName is also null. The coordinates are graphed but the geometry is not made.

Please help! Attached is a dropbox link to download the files! Thank You!

Attached is the dropbox link to the files. If some one can mess with it and re upload that would be deeply appreciated!


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Note: I loaded the Mass Test as a family and set it on the script. I even turn on the Mass Visibility on Revit.

I had a similar question about coloring. See this topic Select which colors are applied to masses? for the answer I was given. Could work for your purpose as well.

Im sure there is a cleaner way to do this, but it works.

Hi dpatel:

I had the same trouble a couple of days before, the reason your getting a null value in the material by name is because of the code or data your input into this function.

Take a look to the list you’re using and how they are matching. Thats the trouble i believe according to what i see in the script, cause everything else looks great.