Sorting problem: Data does not match when sorting in Dynamo and in Revit by same parameters

Hi everyone,

I’m working with FAB MEP and trying to sort and set some parameter values to elements but it seems like Revit Schedule filters (OR my dynamo script) does not work as it should.

These are two parameters I’m using to filter the elements out:
Pipe Long Description & Pipe Size Description.

Here’s the dynamo nodes and the list which seems like correct when sorting everything out by these two parameters:

This happens when I filter elements in Revit by these two parameters (one of the elements which should be placed as #12 is way up and sits in the place #4).

I tried to sort everything out only by Product Long Description (which represents the name of the element) but the same issue persists.

Any ideas how I can solve this? Maybe I’m missing something?

hi @zalgirietis.minde,

can you provide a sample file and your current dynamo script? I might be able to fix your problem in an instant. the problem is you are sorting via the default sorting algorithm, you should sort via the natural sort if your string involves alphanumeric.


Dynamo sorts elements by creation time. After that you can sort it by parameter values or anything else.