Sorting Pipes by Diameter then Length

Hi to you all,i m new learner on dynamo so every help is appreciated .
So, i m working on dynamo nodes for making a dyn that help me in sorting and grouping schedule for pipes in first place by daimeter and by systeme type and by level of course eventualy exporting them in excel,and perhaps if i got this nodes right i ll search for sorting and grouping ducts .
most of the nodes are from tutorials from youtube ,i konow i messed up in some place because it didn t work for me.i end up with excel with no data only the word pipe.
the schedule in revit don t get in right structure i don t know why.
Any solutions?
metré.dyn (170.1 KB)

Also have a look here.

I can recommend BIMone Excel import and export too.

I looked into the forum and even there they didn t get a direct solution only turnarounds.and not on dynamo the solutions proposed in revit.i want to find somthing that can help me in quantities sorting and then export the data in excel .and that can save me time a lots of it.

Well they proposed some good things tho.
Like get the Level in Dynamo and push that to a (Shared) Parameter in Revit.
Then you would have Parameter which you can use to sort your Schedules with.

Hi @bejaoui1991,

Have you tried using the node List.SortByFunction and then the Level Parameter as function input?
PS: why dont you just sort the schedule by level through Revit? Seems like Dynamo isnt really necessary

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@Daan ,the purpose of this dynamo nodes is to sort pipes by system type then by level and finaly exported in excel .imagine having per exemple 9 types of system in sanitary and a number of level thats a lot to do by revit only that s why i want a solution in dynamo

I see, what specifically isnt working for you? Because sorting by Pipe Type and then Level shouldn’t be a problem :slight_smile:

The problem is when i run the dynamo nodes it donsn t work in revit schedule like i post in the image .and when the data sorted in excel it shows only the word the image .the piece missing is sort by level in the nodes.i posted the dyn and the image of the nodes already so maybe the is something de can do

You should take a look into list levels, also you are doing 6 times the same exact thing in your script in 6 different groups, list levels would make your script way easier/ compacter

Could you maybe also share an example revit file with some pipes so i can make some changes?

Also you are only feeding Pipes into your Excel, you need to add extra columns for the parameters you want.

Hi Daan , i m sorry for this delay .i didn t have acces till now ,i ll attach 2 .rvt file for a exercise i was working on so if you have any ideas to help e that s ll be great ,the nodes are already here in the first comment maybe soe tweeks to correct it

Hi i think you should approach like this:

2020-01-04 Sorting and Exporting Pipes to Excel.dyn (61.8 KB)

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Thank you Daan ,your work is great.i started on some modification on the level part i used level parameter as function like you told me before but the excel level part come out empty.i added some function as systeme type but in excel in countain only the word pipe type .other wise thank you so much this was helpfull

Try using the Node Element.Parameters and make sure you type the exact name (Case Sensitive) into the ParameterValue.ByName node. If that doesnt work, please share a screenshot with what you are doing :slight_smile:

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Hi Daan, it finally worked i hot the sort by level diameter and lenght .i added system parameter and all s good.thank you for your i will try to transfer it into data shapes node and see le i can make it.i ll share the final dyn for every one to get acces .

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Hi Daan i may need your help on this i tried those days To make a replica on someone elses script.can you see it for me or you prefer that i opned a new publication .thank you in edvance

If its about another topic, please create a new topic with some new screenshots and files :slight_smile:

No it s the same but more advanced. I ll post a new one ok

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Here it is the script in case you need it dynamo script.dyn (77.4 KB)

Hi Daan,how are you ?hope you doing great.well i searched and looked for a solution for my last posting that i tag it you in.i found a way to lunch the scrypt correctly but it need the final touch.hope you il help me on this.when i creat export the data in excel it import only one line and i don t know why.can you please take a lookSort-by-UI.dyn (78.3 KB)