Sorting order

How can I export (and later import) the sorting order form Revit to excel.

sort order

do you have a screenshot of how you are writing that data to excel?

I have not found a node which give me the indexnumber from a list item so i made one with a python node. It gives out the proper index numbers so you can use those to get your item from your lists in the desired order.

to export data from excel to revit you need something to identify the data with in excel, you could export the element to excel as well in a hidden column, or use a more elegant solution, use the number value to find what data goes with which element in revit.

paste the text from the link into a python node:



The revit element list always sort with the element id from small to big

collect the element id in excel with all data you need,

resort in excel if you need to fit the pattern of other information ,

fill data and sort element id while you finish

you will get the same order of output and ready to input to revit.

Martin, you can get the index number with the GetKeys node.

Thanks Andreas,

I didn’t look in the Builtin Functions for list related nodes. Learning something new everyday


Thanks for helping

this is my dynamo screenshot

In the first is a link “sort order” with a pdf

sort order_Page_2