Floor type to room finish floor

I would like to automatically input the finish floor parameter in my rooms

So ideally i have separated floors for each rooms, like kitchen with tiles and bedrooms with wood, etc.

So, as i said, the floors are alreay in place and now i have to fill the room finish information with the same material (or floor type name) than my floors.

I tried with a small script with dynamo but i encountering a small problem.
I tried intersecting my room with my floor and then when that statement is true, fill the specified parameter. but in a dummy test i prepared. 5 rooms with 5 differents floors, some are intersecting and some others dont.

Do you have some ideas or suggestions to how to achieve that?

Assuming your floors are the binding elements of your room geometry you could:

  • Use Room.Boundaries to pull the boundaries for the room
  • Filter out objects which are not in the floor category
  • Get the family name (or other parameter value) for the remaining floor(s)
  • Set the parameter value for the room accordingly

You may want to filter out any subfloor types and such, as well as plan on concatinating names for any duplicates.

Thank you for your answer. I’m mostly new to dynamo and kind of struggling.

I have some trouble understanding your answer.
The DYN i made actually does what i need it to do, when the insersecting works. When that problem get sorted out, i’ll probably will need some refining.

The Geometry.Doesintersect node dont give me the expected result.
I Create some geometry and it works. Then i save the projet and re-open, or just copy and paste in a new projet. So its exactly the same geometry in the same place (either copy paste or save and re-open) and when i use run script, the Does intersect node gives FALSE statement

I tried moving up and down the solids, in case coplanar geometry gets weirds

But the result its the same. False to intersecting everywhere
Although if there is some other way to achive the same result im all ears.

Thank you

I did some changes and rigth now is working. I found this clockwork node that is quite handy.
I will probably have problems if the same floor its in more than one room, but baby steps.

Thank you

Later Clockwork versions have a node called Room.Finishes that‘ll give you all room bounding objects and their respective areas. I‘d recommend using that node instead of the Room.Boundaries node.


Thank you. Good info i’ll look into it