Matching Lists with Key Values

I’m new to Dynamo - have done most of the tutorials but I think I must have missed an important topic; how to add parameters to Revit elements based on key values so I am certain the parameters are being added to the correct elements? I have a bunch of parameters that I want to add from Excel and I also have the Revit Mark parameter in Excel which I want to use as my key field. I have been able to work through bringing in the Excel data to Dynamo and setting the parameters for the Revit elements successfully, but I seem to need to rely on consistent sorting to assure that the data is aligned correctly. I tried the List Match with Key Values node from Clockwork but get an empty list. Can someone point me to a tutorial on this process; it has to be fundamental, but I can’t seem to find anything to explain it. Thanks!


This is one of those questions that has been asked literally a 100 times. Unfortunately the forum’s search function doesn’t offer as munch functionality as I’d like to, therefore here’s the 101th answer :slight_smile:

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Thank you Dimitar,

So you are confirming that when adding parameters to elements from another source like Excel, I need to rely on consistent sorting of lists?