Sort sub lists by Place value of Number

Hello - tried searching through the forum; Couldn’t locate a similar requirement.

What I am trying to achieve is this:
Out of a list of rooms, what I need is that the Rooms starting with 100 to be a first list (with whatever properties I need to extract) and rooms starting with 200 as a second list and rooms starting with 300 as a third list - or Sublists

The number of items in each series would not be the same so I am unable to use List Group (with my limited knowledge). It has a custom Node (to eliminate Rooms with Area as 0) which is also attached.
Room Data Schedule_Final.dyn (11.4 KB)

Room Schedule Export.rvt (1.3 MB)
All Placed Rooms.dyf (5.3 KB)

As a last step, all these will be written to Excel Rows with different start cells for each.
Can someone please help, at your earliest convenience? Thanks!