Sort points sequentially ...?

First of all good morning.
I am trying to obtain the areas of the intersected surfaces but I have the problem that when obtaining the lines … The points of the lines are disordered and scattered which does not allow me to create a surface … Anyone could help me organize the list please …?.

Dynamo Intersect.dyn (12.0 KB)

Not a perfect answer but I would do this:

  1. remove duplicate lines

  2. find all horizontal lines (those that have the same Z for start/end points) and filter those with highest Z

  3. find a value for Z_Difference (Zmax - Zmin) in the points of vertical lines

  4. extrude the horizontal lines down to build surface (extrusion amount = Z_Difference)

or if you are dealing with solids in the first place, use Boolean Intersection operation to get the overlapping geometry and find the surfaces in that way.

Hello @AM3D,

This may get you to where you want to go! :slight_smile:

Bear in mind, this is based on the fact that you have only vertical connections here as it uses extrusion. The reason we don’t want to collect both top and bottom curves (Which you will notice we can if we deviated halfway through this graph) is that, depending on the way the floor and column lines were drawing in the first place we would have had extrusion oddities arise.

AM3D_Column_Floor_Connection.dyn (42.5 KB)

This graph is based on this mock-up in Revit :slight_smile:

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Obtain polysurface (from element faces) of columns instead of solids and intersect with Floor solid.
This should give you surfaces directly

Dynamo Intersect.dyn (16.3 KB)