Sort point OF SURFACE with X and Y coordinates

Good morning professionals at Dynamo.
Your help please.
I would like to order the intersection surface of beams and columns, I haven’t been able to do it until now. It only sorts in “X” direction, not “y” direction.

14_Estribo en vigas_Rev0.dyn (112.9 KB)
rvt. surface intersectiond

This question comes up quite a bit. Try working your way through some of the similar topics that have already been answered and let us know if you run into any specific questions. The main idea is to sort and group by one direction first so that you can then sort the subgroups by the second direction.

I have been looking in the forum about this topic and if there are many similar cases, I have tried to try the solution of these cases but none has given me a solution, perhaps the help of a professional like you can come to a good end.
Thank you and I attach an image of the tour I have made.

Can you at least show us what you’ve tried then? It’s hard to point you towards a solution for your specific problem if we don’t know specifically where you’re stuck.

I have only been able to order in “x”… the surfaces, but in the “y” direction it is not ordered. attached image. In the red box number 1, left side, the coordinates are disordered, in box 2, the right side is ordered only in the “x” direction.

As I mentioned, you’ll have to group the points based on the first coordinate as well. Otherwise you’re just sorting then resorting. They need to be grouped so that you can sort the sublists without completely resorting the whole list.

I was able to order the intersection surfaces in coordinates x,y,z
Thank you