Sort List by Sublist

This is probably an easy task but I can’t seem to figure it out. Excuse me if it has been covered but I searched and tried various things for half of the day.

I have a list that I created from Nathan Miller’s Room Element Collector. I would like to reorder or sort that list based on the Sublist values for [1] (based on room number). In the attached file this would put [0] List including it’s Sublists [0] bath, [1] 5, [2] 673 to the bottom of the list (in the [3] List location).

List Management

Just try the [SortByKey] Node:


Thanks! I tried this and populated a warning because I couldn’t index the key projector properly but you made it look simple. Thanks again for the help.




Sorting by a value I can make - But is there some insight on how I can sort by a Alphanumeric Value . And along with that sort such that a list of Values of B1 B2 B10 is not sorted at B1 B10 B2. The case Im working on is pulling mark values from outside data so renumbering without the “b” is not an option.

Bingo - Thanks thats exactly the ticket for today.