Sort Family (parametric and not) from one common parameter

I have to sort (alphabetical order) a list of revit family (pipe fitting and pipe accessory) by code (name of the parameter). For having the code i use “Get Type parameter” node and “Element.Getparametervaluebyname” node because some family are parametric. Then i can’t sort all my family in alphabetical order (by their reference), anoyone have a idea ?
I try to sort them by natural order but then i can’t use the node “SortByKey”, I try “List.SortNatural” directly on the family list but dynamo don’t take the code juste the name of the family…

Use your two lists and an IF statement to replace the blank values of one list ("" not null) with the good values of the other list.

I use “manage.replacenulls” for that, a IF node does not produce the same result ?
My goal is to sort by alphanumeric the first list with the family and there ID by there “code” (name of the parametric parameter) but some of those family are parametric and the “code” is in the project not in the family…

Are you sure that works? Your values aren’t null values, they’re “empty” values. That’s why I recommend an IF statement.

i Fond an other solution, i replace the node by “element.GetParameterValuebyNameTypeOrInstance”