Change parameter in the family, but sorting by X position

I made a routine that changes the parameter indicated in the family by a number, but I need these numbers to be placed in an order. The order would be by the point in Z.

Hi @guilherme.woltmann,
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I would suggest you try sorting the elements using SortByKey node.

Uoh Thank you!

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List.SortbyFunction would be even easier

Can you show how?

Try this:

  • Place a FamilyInstance.Location node but don’t connect anything into it.
  • Then place a Point.Z node and don’t wire anything into that.
  • Then place a Function.Compose node, add a second input and wire the FamilyInstance.Location and Point.Z in as inputs 0 and 1 respectively. Place a sort by function node on the canvas and use the element list as the list and the results of the Function.Compose as the function

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