SolidBySweep from polycurve list

Good morning, everyone!
I need to create many solidbysweeps from the respective path. The only way I know to turn these PolyCurves into tubes, is to assign each PolyCurve many Normal.Circles to the curves directions, but with the organization I gave to my lists I don’t know how to do it.

I specify that all polycurves are created through 8 points, so I used the List.Chop with 8 “lenghts”.

Can someone help me? I hope I made myself clear!
Thank you in advance

@joelecam did you try to clean your list from Nulls before chopping it? That if you need to have lists of consistent 8 points each.

Hi @joelecam,

Have you tried setting the lacing of the PolyCurve.ByPoints node to List Level @2?