Solid color / Hide preview of multiple elements at once

I have a solid color for use but it does not show full.
What happen ?

I think your elements are on top of each other. Try turning off the previews of all nodes execpt Display.ByGeometryColor

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I think there are many problems here.
I want a solid color with each different but I use display.GeometryColor they did not show it all. This is my file. You can see it,
it’s quite a mess :sweat_smile:
Bt nhóm cấu tạo.dyn (111.5 KB)

I just did exactly what I said above :slight_smile: isolated display.ByGeometryColor nodes and turned off the preview of all the rest :

I have understand the problem. Thank you very much :cười toe toét:

My stuff is in french :slight_smile: but it’s the second option from the top when you select multiple nodes and right click on the background. Must be something like “hide preview for all elements” in english :


By the way, I have a question. How you can turn off the preview of a line of code blocks. It’s like this.

To my knoweledge, it’s not possible. You can turn off the preview of the whole code bloc but not just specific lines of it.
There are some requests to have it implemented on github :

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Thank you for the answer. It really helped me understand a lot of problems. :slight_smile:

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I have a question regarding dynamo and robot structural analysis. I modeled a simple frame in Dynamo and by using analytical bar, nodes etc, I exported the frame into robot structural analysis 2017. Then after applying loads etc, Dynamo gave me some results such as max stress, max displacement or forces, using for example “Bar.forces get extreme value and position” node. I want to do something else that I don’t know how to do. I want to attach an external file (e.g. excel file) to members of this frame and assign a threshold value to the max stress or displacement as shown in the picture and ask the software that if the max displacement extracted from the excel file exceeds the predefined threshold value then highlight those elements. Could you please help me? I couldn’t attach the dynamo file but I attached the picture from my end nodes. Thank you so much in advance. I am a beginner in Dynamo and I need some help to increase my knowledge.