Sloped Roof

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Anyone have any ideas if it is possible to create a sloping roof using the API/Dynamo?

The roof won’t have a horizontal edge and is created using the user interface in revit using a slope arrow, as per first example here.

I note these other relevant links.

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i just have had the trouble as you. i created a roof by using the node “Roof.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel” and it just FLAT. can’t be able to define slope to the roof boundaries.

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As many times before I put some links to Jeremy Tammik’s blog TheBuildingCoder:
(short answer - it’s possible)

Sorry, I can’t have been clear. I want a roof so creating a sloping floor doesn’t help. Unfortunately the API has no equivalent method of createslab that works with a roof type.

There are no horizontal edges on the roof objects I want to create (so it setting perimeter slopes won’t help). If you can post a dynamo script that create a roof with a roof slope arrow I look forward to seeing it.



I had a look at the links too, there is C# coding. any Python examples please?