Create beams along sloping inner roof


I wonder if someone knows how to create a grid system following an inner sloping roof surface in Revit?

I might be asking for too much with this one since I’m a freshman and more or less asking for a finished solution or mini-course, but maybe a wonderful soul here feels like helping out :slight_smile:.

I’ve attached what I’ve created so far in Dynamo, I guess it’s quite obvious I’m barely making it work :)…
I didn’t even find a way to make the curve offsets being composed to a list for the surface projection.
So if someone sees a way to clean all the copy/paste that I’ve used this far it would also be neat.

Would like to make following work;

  • Creating beams along the projected lines, being cut in the middle where the void is.
  • Making the beams being cut where they intersect each other (so that there’s no collision)
  • Cut the beams ‘correctly’ at the ends where they meet vertical walls

Attached files:
KB - Grids along roof.dyn (21.3 KB)

I can’t read your screenshot of the DYN as the image is too small, so I can’t really be of help there, but perhaps I can provide some insight to help you along.

How would you do this in Revit? You need to understand how to do that before you can programmatically execute this (or almost anything).

Think that through and repost the image and i’ll try and provide some additional direction.

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Have a look at this to get you started

Thanks for wanting to help out.

I’ve included the DYN-file itself. You can have a look at that one if you want to.
In Revit I would manually create arrays then void the intersections manually so that one of the beam axes is continous and the other joining on the sides. I would also have to rotate the beams so that the top is aligned with the sloping roof.

Right now I’m not sure what the best approach is for creating the wooden beams along the sloped roof (with correct orientation so that the top of the beams align with the surface).

All I have is the projected lines :slight_smile:

Here’s a new picture:

So you would change the workplace to be the underside of the roof, not the roof level.

Try projecting your curves from the rood level onto the selected plane as a next step. :slight_smile:

Hi, not sure I fully understand. Right now I’ve used “select face” and selected the underside of the roof.
I’ve got it all working out alright, though I would need to find a way to cut all the beams along the facades.
Any idea how this could be achieved as simple as possible?
Maybe create an offse line along the walls and project that one to the underside and somehow make the beams “stop” when intersecting that one.

Picture of the result right now:

Anyone? :slight_smile: