Slicing multiple solids


So I have two lists, one with 80 solids and the other has 101 planes. I want to slice the solids on each of these collision spots, but the “Solid.SliceByPlanes” node doesn’t work for this. There are two possible things that happen (but idk why it does the one thing one time and the other thing the other time).

  1. Nothing happens and all the solids remain as a whole.
  2. All solids are getting deleted.

Is there anyway to make this working, without doing it manually?

It’s a heck of a lot of slices for Dynamo to handle, in my experience at some point it will just not play ball with that sort of approach. You could always try forming a solid.union of all those solids first and slice one with many planes instead of many on many.


So I put the “slicing” part in a new script and it did work, it took about 1 hout to load. I suppose it didnt work the way I’ve set it up on my most recent screenshot because it create the planes twice.