Simple Model Lines won't behave... me thinks :)


I have a series of points join to create lines using Line.ByStartPointEndPoint, they appear just fine in the Dynamo view (but not in Revit). When I attach them to the ModelCurve.ByCruve… I get no lines in Revit. I was just hoping to draw those lines.


Any help is, once again, more then appreciated :slight_smile:

Line models from dynamo to revit

Seems to work for me


Stop bragging Vikram, :slight_smile: just won’t work for me.



Hi Daniel,

Can you show us your workflow so that we can know your issue.



:slight_smile: Did you try looking in an elevation, I couldn’t spot it in a 3D view.

Also check if the line lengths are large enough wrt the units in the Revit project


Ok, feel free to punch me in the face but… I restarted Dynamo and now i get the damn lines :slight_smile:


I owe you a beer now