Simple math from lists of point locations?

Can’t help from thinking this should be simple, but I’m rusty at Dynamo, and don’t want to get too sloppy here getting my result, it shouldn’t have to be.
I’m just trying to subtract X from X and maintain my keyed groups;
short of converting to string, filtering all of the x’s and y’s separately and using a ‘-’ node, I can’t seem to come up with a realistic solution. These will eventually get written to individual excel tabs in order, but I’m scratching my brain here, any help would be greatly appreciated!
0. X = -5.11, Y = 0.00, Z = 0.00

  1. X = 0.00, Y = 5.182, Z = 0.00
  2. X=0.00, Y = 4.859, Z = 0.00

You can get the individual coordinates with the Point.X, Point.Y, and Point.Z nodes and then get the difference that way.

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@Nick_Boyts Thanks! That’s exactly what I needed! I tried using startpoints of the path curve, and it kept giving me a vector, these work great after pulling the locations! Don’t know why I didn’t circle back, but the thoughts just weren’t triggering!
You can see from my screenshot I was going down an ugly road with list drops and string splits!

Deconstructing the vector also works:

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