Sill Height based on ground floor parameter updated automatically

Hello everyone, is there any way to create a parameter inside window/door/generic model which will contain sill height of element measured from level 0.00. I’m asking also about generic model because I will create niche in this way. I thought maybe try macro or Revit API, but I dont know how to make it. I want to achive similar effect as Sofistik elements.

Adnotacja 2020-05-06 182008

If I understand your situation you should be able to do this with a simple reporting parameter.

Can you explain step by step how to make this? I know what is the reporting parameter, but I dont know how to use it in this situation.

Check this Sill height.dyn (11.4 KB) Sill.rvt (476 KB)

That’s a good approach what I want to achieve, but I’m looking for solution which is 100% automatically. I can make it by Dynamo but when I want to update a parameter due to moving an opening I have to run dynamo script. I know that is a simple one click, but this solution may help me understand more about Revit in future.

Generic family template, Door, windows
they have parameters Base offset. But they show offset from reference level only. There is no option for such families to check the distance from 0 level automatically.

It depends on how your family is setup, but in theory you would just dimension from the sill to the reference level and tie that to a reporting parameter. Have you checked the SOFiSTiK families to see how they work?

EDIT: I assumed you meant from their reference level, not the actual project 0.00 elevation. Look at the other families and see if you can figure out what they’re doing.

Here is the deutsch opening/niche family, but I want to convert it my standards, and maybe create similar on my own. There are these parameter I am talking about.Wandöffnung rechteckig.rfa (692 KB)