Show Value in Revit


I created a small piece of dynamo script, and it worked.
I select a few pieces of pipe and want to know the total length of it.
However, I don’t get my answer back in revit.
I use Dyno to role out my script, but i don’t see my answer.
I called the last (watch) node “Opsomming” which means summery. but Dyno in revit shows “opsomming” says “None”
Could someone help me solve this hopefully simple problem?

You Need to ‘Write’ this Information back into Revit.

Not sure where or how you want to do that. Maybe it is a piece of text with a time stamp?
Perhaps it is written into a global parameter? (Not sure if that is possible.)

How do you want to represent/store this data in Revit?

Or could this be written to excel?

I’m not working with MEP (haustechnik) in Revit, but I think this could probably be accomplished using standard Revit schedules.

@j.heijtink Look at the post below. You could create a pop up window showing the length to the user.