Show the intersection of 2 solids

Hi group!


I have a simple function i want to achieve, but i think it missed something…

there is 2 floors i want to know if they intersect, so i use the GeometryDoesIntersect. the result is “true”

then im doing a simple GeometryIntersect so that would be a Solid.

the problem is, i cannot see the result in 3d?!

I’m new to this forum by the way, but will surely be proactive.


thank you





Hi yien,

Hit geom right below in dynamo and then right click zoom to fit. Hope it helps.

nope :frowning:

are you in a custom node?

what do you mean by custom node?

i 've installed many package…



strange here… i tried on another computer and it works!

it is a graphic card related issus?



there is.

all i wanted was to create a simple boolean between 2 topographic surface, to see if they clashed.



Yes there are some known issues with different graphics cards, try installing direct x 11 and make sure to update the drivers for your card.