Show nurbscurve in revit

Good morning group.
I would like to know how I can show a nurbs curve in the revit canvas, this in order to be able to select and incorporate a family in its entire length, thank you who can help me with a particular node or that steps should be taken to display it, thank you very much.

If you want to export a curve to the Revit work space as a model curve use the modelcurve.bycurve node.

thank you very much, yes, that one helped me and I used it, now I want to put a family based on lines, but it does not allow me to select it, someone will know the reasons, since I generate straight lines and it takes them, but when I generate curves it does not take them.

What family types are you placing along the curve? Maybe you should consider using adaptive components placed in the Revit model using dynamo. It might be a better workflow for this.

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This appears to be a result of the family type your’e using; can you post the .rvt with this family in place? My guess is that what @bayowindapo indicated is the best resolution, move from a line based family to an adaptive component.

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