Sheet renumber (and rename as well) help

OK I know I am missing something for something so easy it is giving me the must problems. I am trying to rename and renumber a bunch of sheets. I had the rename finished but somehow overwrote it duh lol. I did manage to write something but it has so many issues.
Issue 1 so many nodes lol
issue 2 keeps saying the sheet exists (even though it doesn’t)

any help pleaserenumber2.dyn (63.7 KB)

Hi Jarod…have you tried this one here from Bimorph…a way i would do it is export the sheet to excel and rename there and import them again…

Did you check to see if there is a placeholder sheet with that number? Placeholder sheets are sheets but they do not show up in the project browser.

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I did and that is how I can got it to rename but to renumber that is another story. also once again so may nodes for the rename. I would like to somehow limit it to 1 code block with multiple sheet names(or numbers)

it is not a placeholder it seems to look at all the names and if it already exists in the tree it errors (A1.02 renamed to A1.01 then the next node A1.03 renamed to A1.02. (A1.02 was already in the first it didnt rename it yet)

This is a problem with view numbers too. The workaround is to renumber them to a unique number before numbering them to the final.

For example:
A101 > A101_Temp > A102
A102 > A102_Temp > A103
A103 > A103_Temp > A101

What do you mean by too many nodes? I can renumber all sheets with about 10 nodes. Are you able to proved a screenshot? It is greatly helpful.

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hmmm think if we use bimorph we dont get this unique number issue…

@sovitek, you may be right. I think the node does check for this but I am not 100% sure. If what I have listed above also generates the same error then there is a sheet with that number.

The best way to check is to create a new sheet list with Show highlighted image and no filters.

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Hi Steven…So true…but normally bimorph work for me without issue…

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FYI: in BimorphNodes 4.0 the Sheet.RenumberRename node behaviour was changed; the sheet input was changed to a single sheet instead of a list of sheets so re-sequence names and numbers was lost. Hence, you will see the warning from Revit that the sheet exist as @jarod.tulanowski reported.

The solution instead is to follow the advice from @Steven. BimorphNodes basically did this in previous versions, using the sheet ID as its temporary name as its guaranteed to be unique. Hence, you’ll need to use the Sheet.RenumberRename node twice: once to rename all the sheets then once more to re-sequence them and you wont see any warning from Revit.


Great info…havent tried it yet in the new version…thanks

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"It’s better to get forgiveness than permission." :sweat_smile:


OK I couldn’t get it to work the way I wanted but ended up consolidating it pretty small and with little intelligence to it lol (I took everyone’s advice and pieced it together this way. The main breakthrough was Thomas stating about the ID number) Thank you everyone here is my solution.

P.S. can always count on this group for so much help. wish I could give as much as I have taken from everyone. I will get there some day!!

renumber-Final 210930.dyn (15.4 KB)

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