Sheet List Selectable In Dynamo

Hello, I am trying to create a filtered list of sheets which is selectable by id within dynamo.
I have been able to filter list to only show required views but all sheets in this list return “no good view could be found”.

I’ve tried to use Rhythm ‘Sheet.Titleblock’ but this appears to be an incorrect approach.
I’ve also tried to use RevitLookup to determine what parameter I may need.

Open to any suggestions.

Are they placeholder sheets, or can you open and view them inside Revit?

I don’t know if views (which is kind of what sheets are) can be viewed this way either, setting the view as the active view might work, but you will need to generate a completely new UI element. Perhaps there is something in Datashapes?

@SeanP they are actual sheets within revit, filtered by custom parameter so hoping to open specific views from that list with an element visible (which is working).

@jacob.small I was having a similar issue with getting the views to display, I ended up accessing them via Rhythm View.Viewport so was hoping something similar would exist for sheets or some way via python.
I’ll look into data shapes a bit further, thanks.

You can try to check an ID by the select by ID function?
Manage > Select by ID and type the ID you see in Dynamo.

After that you can see the parameters.

I would guess that you get that error message “No good view could be found” because you are trying to click on the GUID of the sheet itself. Revit is trying to open a view that contains the sheet, but it can’t because the sheet IS a view, but it is not contained in any view.

With the API you can switch views. So use DataShapes (or something with a dialog box) to make your sheet list. Then pipe the value selected to a python script with:

UIApplication.ActiveUIDocument.ActiveView = yourView

My bad. That will work in Python - but inside Dyanmo you’ll need to use:
uidoc.RequestViewChange(myElements )

Need a node to set the active view in a Revit model · Issue #5573 · DynamoDS/Dynamo · GitHub

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
I’ve got it working through data shapes with a python node to open selected views.

Thanks @Frank_Loftus for clarifying that the sheet is not contained in any view.