Better filtering of view types and duplicate multiple views with Excel

Hello people,

I have a perfectly working View Duplicator script. But there are a few things that needs to be optimized. I can’t find the correct nodes for it. I use Dynamo version 1.3.3.
My question is: I would like to duplicate multiple views once. But as an option. For example. For one project I would like to duplicate 2 views 15 times. And in an other project 3 views 10 times.

Right now I can duplicate one view. And I use an excel file to rename the duplicated views.
I would like to use other tabs in excel, like Tab B and/ or C, to rename the duplicated views of the second view (or third view). Is this possible? Can the second view that’s going to be duplicated has its own Template option?

2nd question: Choosing a view in the script is kinda hard. I have a node that shows every type of views. I now that I can filter views by type, for example floor plans, but I cant link it with the views tap. Is it possible that I can filter first by view type and then choose from the views of that type?

You can download the script and the excel file here:

Take a look at this Package
With this you can have a menu to pick your original view from, and make some other fancy screens to smoothen your workflow