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In response to a Civil3D forum post, I got the idea to use Dynamo to check for “deep pipes.” I made the script to check the depth of the bottom outside of pipe to the pipe reference surface sampled at a given interval (like 2ft) instead of just at the pipe ends, and return colored polylines to Civil 3D and have output the total lengths of portions of pipe that are in the “deep” zone. I got it to work for one pipe network but when I tried multiple, list levels were making my head spin so if anyone wants to see if they can make it work for both, by all means. Hope this helps inspire.

Pipes Below Depth v7.dyn (218.0 KB)
Pipes Below Depth.dwg (2.4 MB)


Excellent, thank you very much for sharing

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This is very cool! I’d be interested in trying this on my full city pipe network. Could be useful. I think I’d probably prefer to visualize the depth of pipes, on a city scale, by simply colorizing lines in Arcgis Pro by an average depth field calculated from the average surface elevation - average invert.

I think its really cool that this samples the pipes many times rather than just using an average. I’m also not sure how I would export a symbolized/colorized pipe feature class from pro to civil 3d with the corresponding layer colors. But now I’m interested in trying that as well! If i end up getting something like that setup and it involves dynamo ill update in this thread.

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thank you
Great and useful post

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Created an account to just say thank you…

Not sure if someone managed to get it to work for several pipes…


Wow you made my day! Glad it could be of some help or inspiration! Not sure I’ve seen anyone pick this script up for multiple pipe networks but maybe I’ve missed action on other threads. Welcome to the community and feel free to post any of your questions (in a new thread) and there are lots of people willing to provide support.


Hi, @KirkWM!

Could you test this for correct work, please?
Tried to add multiple pipe networks handling into your great script.
Pipes Below Depth v8.dyn (259.6 KB)