Pipe Length by Depth Intervals


We have to create quantity take off reports (QTO) for our Sanitary Sewer Gravity Pipe Networks by pipe depth intervals, 0-6’,6’-8’,8’-10’, etc… in 2 ft intervals.

I believe that should be possible with Dynamo? Any help would be appreciated.

Check out my previous post and see if that helps give you some ideas.

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That is awesome and makes me believe that Dynamo can read all of the necessary information. But as is, it would not help much with quantity take off. We need something like a table, csv file, or just text…

Quantities at depth… Example:
24" RCP 0-6’’ = 200 LF
24" RCP 6’-8’ = 100 LF
30" RCP 0-6’ = xxxxxx etc…

Yep sounds doable, let us know what you come up with.

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Can you attach any example picture
explain what you want

The below youtube shows a Civil 3D add-in (from 2014) that seems to do what we need. But the add-in is not available anymore. The pipe sizes look off in the video. May have been in metric.
Report columns:
| Pipe Size | Material | 0 - 6’ | 6’ - 8’ | 8’ - 10’ | 10’ - 12’ | in 2’ intervals up to the larges size found in the Pipe Network. Only need to do one pipe network at a time.

Actually our company and probably most companies have the description for the pipe come from the Parts List and it is edited to show the Size and material better then what you would get by reading the pipe properties…
So instead of | Pipe Size | Material | it would be better to just have a | Pipe Description | column.
Our Pipe description reads 24" RCP, but if you queried the pipe attributes you would get 24.000" for the Inner Pipe Diameter, and Reinforced Concrete Pipe for the material.

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I tried editing your Check for Deep Pipes dyn and got lost quickly. Any help would be much appreciated, can I buy you a couple cups of coffee?

as an idea
You can try this way , Approval on file @KirkWM
Work the surface and give it thickness
And so on
as in the picture


That looks nice, but I have know idea how you created that or if I would need different packages then the ones I have to make it work… But thank you…