Setting Parameter

I’ve isolated all the valves in my project. Now I need to create a parameter where I assign each one a unique number based on its system type. I have already assigned the numbers as seen in the watch node on the left. Then I put it into the SetParameter node, but it doesn’t assign the elements the correct number as seen in the get parameter on the right. Why is this?

Basically the values in the watch node on the left and the get parameter node on the right should be the same. Could it have something to do with the family names being the same?

Can you show more?
We cannot see what you are feeding in at the element input.
Instances or Types.

Is the parameter Instance or Type?

It is an instance parameter. Here is the rest of the code.


I think its list management issues
I see a list and lists whitin list
Both should be the same and in the same order
Else: Try playing with levels