SetParameter if smaller or greater

I am stuck at this dynamo script where I wanna set a shared parameter value “Thickness” base on another parameter “Length” I got my formula and everything except the end part which is the feeding the results to setparameter value

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If > 1000,< 1000, == 1000, what you want?

I wanna feed the “If” true result to the set parameter value but I need to combine the results so here where I am stuck.

Use List.FilterByBoolMask for filter the values.

still need to combine all the results to List.FilterByBoolMask as It can be connected to one result only

why you filtering two times, 1st with 1000 then 0.9

this is the point of the script to get my thickness value base on the length value
if length is greater than 1000 then thickness is 0.9 and if length is smaller than 1000 then thickness is 0.8

Home.dyn (20.7 KB)

You could do something like this with nodes…

But, a better way is like this …

ifElse.dyn (25.8 KB)


Thanks a lot it worked but I am still confused a bit I am still a beginner I got some question if you don’t mind to get back to you later but for now what does && mean?

Hope this explains to some extent …

condition.dyn (3.6 KB)