Comparing the value of a parameter and If true or false set a value to another parameter - not working


As you can see in the below image, I want to read the value of a family parameter called “Face 1 Duct”. If this value is equal to “not required” , I want the parameter “Face 1 Sump Depth” to be 0, if not to be 600.

The graph is reading well if is “not required” or not. The issue I am having is when running it, all I get is my false result (600). So, when is true, is not setting the value to 0, is setting it to 600.

Have you got any tips to work with the “if” node?

Thanks, Laura

The If node returns either the True or False input depending on the test result. The problem is that you are updating those parameters before the If node and then just returning the list of elements.

Instead, you want the If node to return the value of either 0 or 600 depending on the test. Then you can use that output to set the sump depth parameter value.

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@Nick_Boyts As you recommended, I assigned values to the if node before setting the parameter and it worked!

I will leave the image here in case somebody else wants to see.

Thanks a lot for such a quick response.

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