SetFormulaByName fails

Hi @erfajo, others,

Since I had some families in need of some SP, I’m running a script with your nodes. Had to update them and read it’s now Orchid. Fine. Installed Orchid,

I noticed an error:
Error: Naamloos

Did something change (is it indeed a ‘bug’) or do I have to alter my nodesinput with this new version?

Oh btw:
SP are made (the 3 in the codeblock)
Setformula isn’t.

all values send to formulas need to be set with quotation mark, you need to replicate the exact behavior as inside Revit… strings would be set as “string” in a formula.

Ah I see. Thanks for clearing that @erfajo! Out of curiosity: why did you change that? It used to be a string instead of “string”?

I have not changed that… this is how it has been all the time.

do you think you can confuse this with how to feed it from a codeblock?


or did you previously send parameters to the formula? in that case if a parameter named string exist, then feed it with string without quotation marks.

Hmm no I mean I used to input the values for the Formulanode as actual string blocks (not a code block). And those values were accepted. So ended up with parameter fields populated with “value” at the formula fields, as it should.

Now I added the “” in the string blocks, problem solved.

But that part was not changed, it has always been like this.

Maybe in the very first version I did accept input without quotation marks (and set them in the code), but I figured quite fast that this would be an error, since you wouldnt be able to send formulas depending on other parameters this way.

Yeah, good call to do so. Totally makes sense (now) :+1::+1: