SetFormulaByName fails

Hi @erfajo, others,

Since I had some families in need of some SP, I’m running a script with your nodes. Had to update them and read it’s now Orchid. Fine. Installed Orchid,

I noticed an error:
Error: Naamloos

Did something change (is it indeed a ‘bug’) or do I have to alter my nodesinput with this new version?

Oh btw:
SP are made (the 3 in the codeblock)
Setformula isn’t.

Ah I see. Thanks for clearing that @erfajo! Out of curiosity: why did you change that? It used to be a string instead of “string”?

Hmm no I mean I used to input the values for the Formulanode as actual string blocks (not a code block). And those values were accepted. So ended up with parameter fields populated with “value” at the formula fields, as it should.

Now I added the “” in the string blocks, problem solved.

Yeah, good call to do so. Totally makes sense (now) :+1::+1: