Set Wall Sweep Visibility Overrides

Im working on a project where skirtings are added as part of the partition types.Ive been trying to figure out a way to halftone them or turn them off. This seems do what I need it to do but only if the wall sweeps are drawn manually using “Wall:Sweep”. Is there any alternative node that might help me achieve this?

@Andreitriffo Maybe someone out here knows more than I do and can correct me, but as far as I know you are out of luck.

Basically, Revit stores the manually placed Wall Sweeps under “Wall - Wall Sweep - Cornice” Category, so you have an option to override their graphical display settings. Unfortunately the Sweeps added as part of the Wall Type, are stored under a different Category (doesn’t have the Cornice sub-category). I know that looking at your Dynamo definition above you might think they are the same, but somehow they are not. It’s a weird Revit thing. Sorry you cannot override their graphics in a view.


Yes I figured they are separate but never understood why. Guess we need keep requesting this feature and eventually autodesk might listen.

I normally select all skirting by instances in entire project then create a selection which can be filtered out half tone.