Set Views printer

Hi all,
I am trying to get all the set views of my project with dynamo but I am struggling to find the way. Could anyone help me, please?

Thanks in advance,

What have you tried to do up to this point? Can you post a screen capture of what you have? The topic of your post is a little confusing. Are you trying to send this list of views to a printer? What are you trying to Set Views for?

Hi Tom Kunsman,
I am trying to collect all the View Sets in the project instead of one set view. I have used Archi-lab_Grimshaw package but I got one view set. I would like to have all the type in one list.

Hi @Pascasio_Blasco,

I have my own python nodes which I use to do this…

The Dynamo file…
GetAllViewsSheetSets.dyn (16.3 KB)

You can package these up into nodes to make it cleaner. The part you would be most interested in is the first bit which gets all ViewSheetSets in the document.

Hope this helps.



Hi Daniel_Woodcock1,
That is really helpful!. Thank you for your help. It is excatly what I was trying to do.

Your’e welcome @Pascasio_Blasco. Glad to help. :wink: