Set Value of Group Name in Shared Parameter Families

Hi there,

I’m trying to put the name of a Model Group into the Families that are in the same Model Group. in the picture i’ve Marked the Part I can’t work out, how to extract the Value of the Group name, So I can put it in the Shared parameter…


Thanx in advance for the Help!

When an element is part of an assembly, an Assembly Name parameter is associated with it and the same can be used to group elements by assembly name. As shown here

However, there is no such parameter for elements that are part of a group and since it doesn’t exist you cannot extract it in the manner you are trying to.

I’m not sure if there is some other way.


If you’re ever in doubt, the first thing you need to do is check Clockwork :smiley:

There’s an “Element.Group” node in the clockwork package:

Thanx, this works super nice Dimitar, nice package! now to make it super efficient I would Like to Number the Element by the Group they are in. For example:

Group 1 is modelled 4 times in the project:

The elements in the first Group 1 get the Number ‘1’; the elements in the second Group 1 get the Number ‘2’; and so on…


Could u Help me on that?

Fellow Dynamo’ers. I tried a fiew things but I still didn’t work out de Group Numbering parameter… any Tips or Tricks?

Hi Daniel,

If you don’t share your graph and you don’t state exactly what part of the workflow is giving you a hard time, you’ll have to wait for me ( or someone else) to have the spare time to re-create and test things for you from scratch…In short - the more specific you are and the more you share, the faster you’ll receive help on the forum.

I’ve attached an example below. Study it and see if it works out for you. Be mindful of the node lacing.

  1. we group the group instances by their type.

  2. the GetKeys node extracts the list indexes. Indexes start from 0, so we’ll need to add 1.

3)we then need to extract each group’s elements.

  1. We count the number of elements of each group instance and replicate the above list of indexes by the number of elements in each group.

5)be sure to convert the numbers to the proper parameter container type (in my case the parameter was a TEXT type)

6)as long as the lists of elements and parameter values match in structure ( i needed to flatten each sublist of parameter values), we can straight away apply them to the “Element.SetParameterByName” node.

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He Dimitar,

thanx for the help. next time I will surely add a Graph to my question. I’ve Rebuild your example but I would like to have a different outcome. I don’t want to number the elements in the Group, but de Groups themselfs and put that value in the elements.

In the Graph u can also see the Value I would like in de parameter ‘Group Number’. If I can do this en can see how many Group are in the project in a Revit Schedule, en count the elements in only one of the Group’s! This would mean an amazing deal for me and my company.

I’m still struggeling with this problem, anyone who can help me out?

I need to know wat the Numbers are of the Group in the parameter of a Family. That way I can see if de elements are in a ‘Parent’ Group or in one of the ‘Children’ Groups… And I can’t seem to get the numbering right…

I Worked it out, mind the lacing you said Dimitar. Good Point

everyone can download the dyn through this link:

Write Group Name&Number

main purpose:

  • first make 2 Project Parameter in the Revit project and assing them to all the Revit categories. I named mine: ‘Group Name’ and ‘Group Number’
  • Puts the Group Name in all the Revit Families that are in the Groups
  • Numbers the Elements according an how many Groups there are in the project, for example: Group ‘A’ contains 3 Families and is placed two times in the project. In the First Group ‘A’ the Families get a Value of ‘1’; and in the second Group the Families get a Value of ‘2’