Autonumbering Mark in all instances of a family


I’m trying to automatically renumber the Mark field in all instances of a certain family (Parking).

There are some problems although:

a) The GetFamilyParameter node doesn’t return the Mark field, just Type Mark (as it should). How can I get the Mark field from the output list from Element.Parameters? Even with ‘Type Mark’ in a String node, it doesn’t work.

b) Using the Element.SetParameter.ByName, I’ve connected the entire list of elements (Parkings) with the result of a Number.Range node, and with ‘Mark Type’ as a string. However, the function isn’t working:

No parameter found by that name.
Element.SetParameterByName operation

I’ve tried with the previous GetFamilyParameter output Type Mark, but it also doesn’t work. I know that I’m linking a ‘Parameter’ output in a ‘parameterName’ input, but throught a Parameter.Name operation it isn’t working even if they are both strings.

I know it is a simple question and that it would be very easy task on other softwares (GH, for example), but I’m not getting it at Dynamo.

Any hints will be welcomed. Thank in advance.

File: Numeração Vagas

Screenshot Dynamo


Hi Bruno

First of all you are trying to get/set a type parameter to family instances, which can’t be done you need to get the type of the family elements. The “Type Mark” can only be set with one value, in each family type.

Although i’m not entirely sure what you are trying to do, i’m guessing you want to set the “Mark” parameter in all elements of the family type?
You could do that like this

mark value

Hello Bruno,

For Mark (Instance) based family renaming, this is what I did for our ‘SEM Drawings’ (Families that demarcate holes for Structures/Electrical and Mechanical). In order to do a type parameter, I believe (But could be wrong) that you need to put the ‘Family Types’ node directly into the SetParameterName node rather than the AllElementsofType node.

SEM Family Renamer

Thank you all, my problem has been solved. :slight_smile:

please put the photo of the settled routine