Adding list of numbers from excel to a list of components in Revit

Hi all,

How do I add a certain list of numbers to a group of elements in revit. I created a shared parameter for the element and would like to assign the number to that parameter of the element. How do i make sure the elements get the right and intended number form the list. Should I extract the elements in a list, add it in excel first and and reload it back? Ideas?


Hi Rooney,

If your elements are of same category then you can use “GroupByKey” node along with “Element.Name” or “Element.ID” or you can filter by “Mark” values and assign numbers.

We are missing information to better help you. Are you adding different values for each families? Are these values based on a value already on the family? Can you get us more information. But it’s totally doable :slight_smile:

Hi, Thanks for the replies. My intention is that there can be situations where elements which are selected using the the nodes but the intended list has numbers in jumbled fashion. How do I make sure that these numbers go to the specific elements. If I use ListGetItemAtIndex node its gonna add to the elements in a series. How do I control the order of the election of elements at the first place? Also basically how does dynamo select the elements based on the element id (Increasing or Decreasing?). I have couple more questions but let’s get this one off the table. :slight_smile: You all do an amazing job. I appreciate that!!