Set Type & Instance Parameter

After I exported the values of the parameters of all the elements in a category to a spreadsheet, I updated some values and then I tried to import the modified values back to the elements base on the excel spreadsheet, however the warnings pop up, please kindly provide your advises.

what is your warning?

I tried another method, but cannot work…

Another question, how can I base on Element ID to search element and automatically input parameter from excel worksheet data ?

Because I have large excel data on my worksheet, i want to import accurately.



Anson actually you succeeded with your script!

you have a list of families but some of the families are missing your “UNIT_NO” parameter.

the others are populated with values from excel.



Yes, you are right!! I checked again on my families, have some missing.

This script is work now~

Thank You !!!

On this script only update one column data.

How can i fully update my summary list on this script?

If you want to update multiple parameters, you would have multiple “set parameter” nodes. Would that work for you? The output of one would be the input for the next.