Set Style Override for Pipe Crossings in Profile View

Hi All,

Looking into a way to set the style override for pipe crossings in profile view. Are there any nodes available for this or creative ways to use python? Ideally, the user would be able to select a profile view, see the pipes drawn in, and set style overrides for certain pipes that need to have a different style applied in the profile view. Any thoughts/recommendations appreciated.


May this help you?


Thanks for the reply! I have a couple of comments.

The python code that you attached looks like it only gets the pipes that currently have an override style in the profile view.

What I would like if to use the “Select Objects” node to select the profile views IN[0]. That node would be an input into the python node. A second user input for the python node would be a string for the pipe profile view crossing style IN[1]. A third user input for the python node would be a string for the pressure pipe profile view crossing style IN[2]. The python node would then return all of the crossing pipes for each view and set the override style to the two styles that were input.

Are these easy changes to the code that you linked above?


I should also note on here that the program would also draw in all of the crossing pipes as well as override the crossing style

User could use “Select Objects” node to select profile views they want to draw in crossing pipes and override crossing styles (First Image).

The python script would then get all of the available crossing pipes, draw them in the profile view, and set the style override (Second Image).

Maybe this helps explain what I am hoping to do with this graph.

override style only for pipe network

There is no override style in api for pressure pipe

okay that is a bummer. I will just have to put this graph on hold in hopes that maybe they add pressure pipe overrides to the API one day. Thanks