Civil 3D Profile Views Crossing Pipes

Greetings community,

Do you find a solution to automate the below illustrated workflow to show crossing pipes for multiple profile views with set the style overrides.

I will be greatly appreciating your ideas and solutions, even if I will try to continue what you reached. This workflow happens in my work daily, and I am trying to do it in a smart way. Thank you all in advance.


Hi @Ahmed.Kamal.Moussa
Can you share dwg file?

You can use the attached file.

C3D_PV_SAMPLE.dwg (2.3 MB)

Sadly, AFAIK profile crossings and projections are not supported by the public API. Crossing and Projection labels can be modified only.
This is also submitted to the idea board:

I’ve voted, but I was hoping that someone found a solution.