Set "Structural Material" Parameter of a Wall Type

Is there any way to set “Structural Material” parameter of a wall type that consist of just one layer?

When i try Set Parameter it gives a error that Structural Parameter is a read-only parameter.

Error Message: “Warning: Element.SetParameterByName operation failed.
The parameter is read-only.”







A compound layer material cannot be set like a regular instance or type parameter. I added a node to package Clockwork that is capable of accomplishing what you’re trying to do. Install the latest version from the package manager and follow the workflow below (this node should also work with lists of family types, indices and materials in case you need to process several family types):


Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your valuable support, it worked perfectly!


Hi Andreas,

is there any way to use this node for multiple walls? i tried but i couldn’t. it only gives result for one.

thank you


I think you would just have to input a list of layer indices and not a single value like you are doing now.


yes you’re right , of course!

Thank you!

Hi Andreas,

Could you send me this screenshot? I can’t enlarge it, and I am almost certain it will resolve what I am trying to do. Thanks!

@Peter_Heibel - that image was from the old forum. I guess it didn’t survive migration in acceptable quality. Here’s a new screenshot…


Thanks @Andreas_Dieckmann

This is helpful! Any ideas how to change materials for a list of types? I can’t seem to get the node to read a list of indices.